A New Dresser…Finally!

So…do you remember a few weeks ago that I posted about a dresser that I was going to be posting soon?  Yeah…life got in the way and it didn’t exactly happen soon.

But I finally got it finished!

If you haven’t read the before post, please click here.

Before and After

before and after

I love the new look on this dresser.  Before it was a weird eggshell whitish yellow, a drawer was broken, and there was peeling paint all over.  Now, it looks like it could fit anywhere in someone’s house.

But it wasn’t all easy.

The first problem I ran into was the broken drawer.  With the help of my dad, we were able to get that fixed.  He also helped me fix the bottoms of the drawers so they wouldn’t fall apart.

When I was painting the dresser, I also ran into the problem that the paint didn’t cover the peeling paint on the top of the dresser.  When I was using the spray paint, it was two different tones because the wood would just soak up the paint.  So, I had to use a can of black paint instead of spray paint.  Thankfully, that worked and made the top of the dresser look nice.

My final problem came when I tried to put the new knobs on.  The space between the screws was wider than the original knobs, so I had to remeasure to make new holes.  After filling in the original holes and drilling in new holes, I was finally able to put the new knobs on.  Yeah!

The Drawers

The Drawers

The featured part of this dresser is the drawers.  They are all chalkboard, so you can write what you have in each drawer (examples: socks, pants, checkbook, undisclosed amounts of money…too much?), or write numbers like I did.  Numbers are really in right now, so that is why I picked them.

dresser 1

Another feature this that every pull for the drawers is different.  I bought all five of them at Junk Days and they all worked perfectly.  It’s a great way to make the drawers unique.


I love how this dresser turned out.  It has a very modern feel and is something that I can see myself putting in my house when I have my own one day.  Now, if only I can figure out what to do with it in the meantime.:)


20 thoughts on “A New Dresser…Finally!

  1. Abigail Davidson says:

    Beautiful makeover! The blue really pops — so modern and fresh! Could definitely see this in a creative space as well. Looking forward to seeing more projects and thank you very much for your kind words and support on my posts!


  2. That Black Chic says:

    SUPA cute! I love the colors but most of all I like all the different handles that’s my fav part. I just became obsessed with chalk paint and this is another way to bring it into the room.


  3. Sahar Sultan says:

    That’s ingenious! chalkboard labels can be so helpful and I really liked the use of different hardware for each drawer, puts a nice spin to the whole look.
    keep up the good work 🙂


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