Blue and White Folding Chair Makeover

HI everyone! Hope you are all well! School is about ready to start around here, although I have a couple of more weeks before I go back. It will all be here very soon!

I have a simple project for you today. You’ve probably already seen it done on Pinterest, but it is something I have been wanting to do for awhile and kept putting it off. But I will be hosting a bridal shower for Lauren’s best friend in a couple of week, so I figured I better get going on this! I had also found some fabric I liked at a yard sale this summer, so now I had no excuse.

folding chair makeover blue and white completed chair Title

I had these old brown folding chairs that really needed an update. They are definitely passed their era! First I unscrewed the back and the seat from the frame of the chair.

folding chair makeover

I found this tag on the bottom of the seat. I know it says model number is 1953, but I wonder if that was the date. And the price! $10.95! What a bargain!

folding chair makeover tag

Once the back and the seat were removed, I took the frame outside and gave it a couple coats of white spray paint and a coat of clear coat.

folding chair makeover chair frame

I love this fabric! It’s heavier than just cotton, and the colors are so much better than the brown.

folding chair makeover fabric

I laid the fabric on the floor, with the help of Chica, and cut out the shape, about 2 inches from the edge of the chair back. This will give me enough to wrap around and staple. I also did this for the seat.

folding chair makeover covering the chair back

I laid the chair back on the wrong side of the fabric and made sure it was centered. I start in the middle of each side and put in one staple, then continue around.

folding chair makeover staple coverAfter covering the seat, it is time to reattach them to the chair frame. Pretty easy, right! Now we are ready to party!

folding chair makeover 2 chairs

I love the blue and white. It looks so crisp and clean!

folding chair makeover blue and white completed chair

Rozy says she hopes you all have a great day!

folding chair makeover with Rozy

See you on Wednesday!

Sunshine and Blessings

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28 thoughts on “Blue and White Folding Chair Makeover

  1. Kathy A says:

    Great makeover. Wonder if I can find a heavy duty stapler at a yard sale! I would find it hard to believe that those are the same chairs; they came out GREAT!


  2. Angie @ ambientwares says:

    They look fantastic! The fabric pattern & color are beautiful. I see these chairs (usually not pretty whatsoever) for next to nothing at garage/estate sales and I never think twice. Thanks for this! Pinning & Sharing 🙂


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