A Project That Has Taken Almost A Year

So, a small disclaimer that this project is yet to be completed.  But, I will show you what I have completed so far, and tell you what I plan on doing with it.  Hopefully I can get this project done in the near future.

This project started from an idea that I found while exploring the wonders of the internet.  I had Googled a term that I search very often when I am bored: ‘recycled outfits’.
I like to see what other people have created and try to see if there is a possibility of me trying to create my own.

And while on one of my Google searches, I found my newest project.  People have created dresses with cupcake liners.  And they look amazing!

So, I took up the challenge to create my own version.

I had some white fabric that I had left over from other projects that I used as a simple long skirt.  I plan on attaching a top for a dress, but this is just a small portion of what the skirt looks like so far.

full skirt

The cupcake liners have all been cut in half to help make the skirt have a scale like look.  And each and every cupcake liner has been hot glued to the fabric to give it this look.  They still have some maneuverability, but for the most part, the skirt is pretty stiff.


I am really excited to see how the whole dress turns out.

Now, this isn’t the first dress that I have recycled.  My senior year in high school I made a jean dress for a 4-H recycled project.  I used 26 pairs of jeans that I purchased from thrift stores and made this beautiful dress.  I love the ombre look of the skirt, which is good since the dress weighs 10 pounds!

jean dress edit

So these are some of my recycled outfits.  I love to see what I can come up with and see how the dress turns out.  I can’t wait to see how the final product turns out and I can’t wait to show you as well!



Hi! I’m here today with some of my thrifty Goodwill finds. Sometimes, I actually find a bargain or two. Our Goodwill has some pretty wonky prices out there- sometimes, good, sometimes bad. Here is a good example. I had seen 2 of these Nate Berkus gold and white bowls, but they were priced individually at $3.99. I really didn’t want to pay that much, plus there were only 2.

fabulous finds gold bowls feb 2016

I went back a couple of weeks later and there was a stack of 4 all being sold together. The price? $6.99 for 4. Um…something isn’t quite right there. 2 for $7.98 or 4 for $6.99? Yeah, I find that a lot.

fabulous finds nate berkus gold bowls feb 2016

My next find was even better! My daughter Haley is a huge Pirates of the Caribbean fan. Well, I’m not sure if it’s the movie or Johnny Depp.:) This book was sitting way on the top of the shelf. It was put out by Disney as a hardcover coffee table book and is priced at $50.00. The Goodwill price? $2.99! I can handle that!

fabulous finds Pirate book feb 2016

The pictures are amazing! It shows sketches done by Disney artists, that depict scenes from the movies. There are also lots of storyboards. It is so cool to looks through. Here is a sketch of one of the ships.

fabulous finds pirate ship feb 2016

Here is the artist rendition of Captain Jack Sparrow. I thing Johnny Depp decided on his own rendition!!!

fabulous finds captain jack feb 2016

My last bargain is a succulent wreath. I had read another blog where someone made one and she stated that you need about 25 succulent plants for the wreath. Well, even if I bought the plastic ones from the 99 Cent Store, it would cost me $25 just for the plants. This wreath was marked at $13.99, and it still had the Target tags on it. I figured that was a pretty good deal. I took it to the register and the cashier took 70% off because he said it was a Christmas item! What…! I told Lauren to grab the other one too and I got them each for $4.19! Thank you cashier!

succulent wreath

succulent wreath closeup

I’m excited to be able to put this up for summer! Thanks for coming by today!

Sunshine and Blessings



tassel necklace title

Have you made tassels before? I remember making these as a kid, and they are still cool now! I wrapped embroidery thread around a piece of cardboard that was the length I wanted. Keeping the string together, but pulling it off the cardboard, I opened up the o-ring and wrapped it through the thread at the top. I closed the o-ring and then I tied another piece of thread around the top, just under the o-ring. Trim the bottom of the thread until it is even. I will get up pictures as soon as I can.  Now you get to add the fun stuff!

Here are some of the pieces I gathered from around the house plus I bought a few from Hobby Lobby. I have kept a pitcher, since the girls were small, with all little trinkets that were broken or came off of other jewelry or toys.

tassel key chain pieces and parts

I took an o-ring and stretched it a little with the pliers so I could add some items to it. The first one I did for Lauren. I added a pink heart, a white piece from an earring, a key and her initial.

tassel key chain jump ring

I love the kind of old-fashioned look of the ‘L.’ This one I added to a chain for a necklace.

tassel necklace pink heart 'L'

tassel necklace pink heart 'L' initial

The next one is also a necklace. I found this piece with the words ‘Be Strong and Courageous’ and knew I wanted to add it. I added another piece from an earring and some chain and beads from a broken necklace. (sorry for the blurry picture!)

tassel necklace be strong and courageous

Lastly I did a key-chain. I especially love the colors of this one. The thread has some shine to it and is so pretty. I had a little sparkly Scottie Dog from an old necklace and a charm with clocks on it. I added some turquoise pony beads too.

tassel keychain turquoise numbers

There are so many different ways to make these! I especially like that you can personalize them. Thanks for coming by today!

Sunshine and Blessings




Our First Blogiversary



It’s official! We are now One!!! I can hardly believe it’s been a year. I remember sitting with Lauren and telling her it would be fun to start a blog, but had no idea what I would do for it. The more we talked, the clearer it became and soon Lauren was joining me on this adventure. Then came the decision for a name. That probably took us 3 weeks! I recall Haley walking in and saying, ‘Are you still talking about a name?!’ Ha! Now here we are a year later!

Blog Portrait, Lauren and Pamela

Some of Pam’s favorites have included furniture make-overs, DIY’s and decorating. She also loved redoing Lauren’s room and finally getting the hallway painted! Lauren loved being able to show off her Paris bedroom and of course her puppy, Zoella! Just knowing we have to post something helps us be more intentional about getting projects done.

Parisian Decor

My favorite part of my room-the bed

Some improvements this year have included better pictures, at least I hope so! I am slowly learning how to take better and brighter pictures. We also had our first giveaway! It was so exciting to be contacted by ParrotUncle to give away one of their lamps. Hopefully that will be the first of many! We also received 2 awards this year: The Liebster Award and a Blogger Recognition Award. Thank you to fellow bloggers for nominating us!!

master bedroom 12

We are planning on making a few changes, all positive we hope! Pam will still be posting on Monday. We are going to post on Wednesday with a Fabulous Finds and/or Fashion Day. We will either post about thrift store/garage sale finds or some fashion ideas. Lauren will be posting on Friday. Hopefully this will work better with her school and work schedule and Saturday will be our Corner News.

Laurens Room 12

Of course, we want to hear from you too! What kind of posts do you like to see? Are there things you don’t like or things we should change? Please let us know in the comments below. Just be kind please :)!

I don’t want to be too mushy, but I really have to say thank you.  I have thoroughly enjoyed writing blog posts and letting everyone who comes by see them.  It has been hard for me at some points because of working a full time job and going to school full time, but I love to come up with ideas of how I can make a blog post.  I have enjoyed reading all of the kind comments that I have received on some of my posts (mostly about Zoella, but nevertheless) and loved seeing who has come to view our blog.  Thank you for not only fulfilling my dream to create and write about something for people to see, but also showing me that you care about what I write.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  And cheers to creating more amazing content to share with all of you!

It has been quite a ride this year and we can’t wait to see what else is waiting for us! Thank you again for coming over to read our posts and for all the kind comments! Obviously we wouldn’t continue if we didn’t have readers! Thank you for your support!sparkle

Sunshine and Blessings