Fabulous Finds and Fashions

Good morning everyone! Welcome to the first edition of Fabulous Finds and Fashions. We are very excited to be starting this and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

So we are going to be starting off with some fabulous fashions. I went ahead and took some pictures of some of the outfits I have worn to school so you can get a sense of my fashion style.

1. Comfy Plaid


Now I know I wore a very similar outfit in the fabulous fall fashion post, but it is too good to not show again. This outfit is a Faded Glory men’s shirt that I purchased from Walmart for $10. The jeans are Forever 21 that I purchased for $20 (wouldn’t it have been funny if I bought them for $21?!).  The white tank top is Route 66 that I purchased from Sears for $5.  And I purchased the Qupid boots from a local discount store for $15.  This outfit is very comfortable and is something that I would wear everyday if I could.  But, that’s not exactly sanitary.

2. Sailing Out to Sea


I love how this outfit looks!  It looks cute and it may be perfect for going out on a yachting trip.  The American Eagle jacket was purchased from a yard sale a few years ago for something around the price of $5.  The pink Danskin shirt came from Walmart for $10.  These are the same Forever 21 jeans (I like to reuse the same jeans for most of my outfits).  I finished the outfit with a pair of Maurices boots that I got for Christmas for $40.  Of course the sparkly boots, which I would consider the centerpiece of the outfit, are the most expensive.  Perfection? Probably.

So these are two of my fabulous fashions that I have worn to school.  They are cute, fabulous, and perfect for everyday wear.  I hope that you enjoyed this edition of the Fabulous Finds and Fashions and hope to see you here next time.


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