Corner News-Let’s Go to the Beach!

Hello everyone!  And welcome to another edition of the Corner News.  I had a great week this past week and wanted to share a mini vacation with you.

So, living in the central valley of California, we live about 2 hours from the coast.  And being that it has been so hot in California, Haley, my friend Bekah, and myself decided to take a beach trip.  We decided that we would drive my little cube the 2 hours and end up at Morro Bay.

We started our trip with some lunch at Bayside Cafe which is next to the marina.  It was a bit cloudy and cool when we arrived, but the sun was out when we left.  And of course, I started with the clam chowder in a bread bowl.  Yum!

Photo 1

We then drove into town and started shopping.  We started at a small shop that is like a thrift store kind of thing.  I don’t know what it is called exactly, but it is fun to look through.  I found this really cool chair in the store that was for sale.  I thought that it was absolutely adorable.

Next we went into the Garden Gallery.  It is a beautiful store that has a lot of decorations and of course, gardening stuff.  I found this really cool California pillow that I considered buying, but it didn’t really match my decor.

Photo 4

I also found this cute piggy bank that I had to take a picture of.

Photo 5

As we wandered down the Embarcadero, we came to a small knick knack shop with a lot of random and cool things.  We found their mask collection, and had to take a picture.

Photo 6

We finally made it to the beach where it was a beautiful day.  The sun was out, and we were able to sit on the beach without being cold or blown away.  Look at this weather!

Photo 7

Now, one of Haley and my favorite things to do when we go places is take pictures.  So, of course we were modeling for each other and taking lots of pretty pictures.  Like this one!

Photo 9

After sitting on the beach for a while, we decided to make our way to San Luis Obispo to go shopping.  But, we also went to Woodstock’s Pizza.  If you are ever in the San Luis or Davis areas of California, I highly recommend going to Woodstock’s.  It is delicious and a good price for amazing pizza!  So, we had a pepperoni pizza and delicious cinnamon bread for dessert.  YUMMY!

And this concludes our beach trip.  Don’t worry, we are already planning our next trip and where to go.  And don’t worry, I will take plenty of pictures while we are there.    I hope you enjoyed seeing my mini vacation!


Parisian Style Brass Coffee Table From Chairish

Parisian Coffee Table


Hello everyone!  I hope you all have had a great week and are ready to take on the weekend.  Maybe it’s time for a change around your houses and you are redecorating, so hopefully this will give you some ideas!
You may remember that we did a post for Chairish showing how we would style an armoire.
It was so much fun to put together and imagine what it could look like! If you don’t remember, click here to read that post.  Well,  we were asked to do another post, so of course we said yes!

This time we worked with a coffee table.  We found this trunk that could function as a coffee table, and we loved it.  It is a brassy color which would work really well when it comes to decorating. This could add some sparkle to your room!


But what do you put on your coffee table to make it look nice, but also be functional?  I mean, your table could be your centerpiece of your living room, so why not make it look amazing!  One of the first things I do is decide the theme.  And, I love anything Parisian (this is a common known fact on this blog), so I went with a French theme.  I started with this bowl from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  I love the look of the bowl, and it can be filled with many different things.  I decided that I would put pink and white beads in the bottom of the bowl and silk flowers to add some accents.  Bowls can be filled with whatever you like, so it is up to you! Trays would be a good choice too. Trays can hold lots of things, but keep them contained and looking neat.
The next thing that I went with was some boxes to hold items in.  This can be important when it comes to holding the precious TV remotes and maybe even some coasters.  The boxes that I found are actually jewelry boxes. They have interchangeable bottoms so you can change them with your theme or color scheme. How cool is that! This works perfectly to hold the Fleur de Lis coasters and make sure they don’t all get separated.
And finally, I added an Eiffel Tower statue.  This piece is to help add some height and interest to your decor, but it’s not too tall to get in the way.  I also added a pink candle to make your room smell nice.  This is important because your table will have decorations, but it won’t be too busy and take away from the beauty of the table.

eiffel tower

Here is the style board again just to remind you how beautiful it is!
Just a couple more tips-use odd numbers when displaying things on tables and use varying heights. This add more interest and is pleasing to the eye. But most of all, have fun with it! Keep playing with it until it pleases you. It’s your own design!
 Parisian Coffee Table
I hope you enjoyed reading about my coffee table that I designed.  If you want to check out any of the items that I put on this blog, click on the link by their pictures.  We are so happy to have the opportunity to work with Chairish again! Be sure to check out their website and tell them we said ‘Hello!’

Finds and Fashions-Little Girl Treasures

Happy Hump Day! Now that I am off for the summer, sometimes it is hard to remember what day it is! I almost forgot to post something today, and it’s not really a Finds and Fashions, but it will have to do!

I have been going through my cupboards, drawers, closets and other spaces like crazy! I have boxes and boxes for the yard sale my mom and I have every summer. While going through the kitchen cupboards I found these. I decided to ‘gift’ them to my niece and her little girls. I remember how fun it was to make your own popsicles and they can use the cookie cutters for cookies (duh!) or playdough, which the 3 year old loves!

popsicle makers and cookie cutters

I also had this Minnie Mouse house. Not in the kitchen! I found it at Goodwill quite awhile ago, stuck it in a closet, and forgot about it. My Great-niece E. absolutely love Minnie!

Minnie Mouse House

She has a ton of these little characters at home, but I added another Minnie and Pluto. The refrigerator and cupboard under the sink even open.

Minnie Mouse and Pluto

I did pick up some items at the Dollar Tree too.  I thought the Frozen Sticker set was cute. The stickers are movable, so you can create different scenes. There is Princess bubbles, 2 pink ponies, and sponges that you soak in water and they expand to make animals. The last 2 things were also part of my cleaning out. The Ariel mirror was Haley’s when she was little and she played with it a lot. It also had a brush and comb, but those didn’t survive. I had the two clip magnets in my craft stuff. I thought the girls could paint or even use markers to decorate them, maybe for Father’s Day!

Little Girl Treasures

So those are my treasures for this week! I will try not to forget what day it is next time!! Have a great week!

Sunshine and Blessings

Steps to Painting Farmhouse Chairs with a Brush

Happy summer! I have so many projects to do!  Eeekkk! One at a time, right?

So I started with my kitchen chairs. I have the chairs that actually belong to my grandma’s table, but they were getting so much use, I didn’t want them to get too worn out. So when the girls were young, we bought 6 oak ones at a liquidation store. Nothing fancy, just something to have around the table. But by now, they were pretty worn too. Paint time!

Kitchen chair makeover

I know there are lots of different ways to paint and products to use, but I thought I would share what works for me. This time I used just a good old brush and can of paint. I am going to try chalk paint next time and I would like to try a sprayer too, just sayin’!

I cleaned up the chairs, removing dust and any leftover food. I find it easiest to turn the chairs upside down so I can make sure all the underneath is primered and painted well. I didn’t sand this time, and the primer seemed to hold pretty well.

kitchen chair makeover paint underside

There are hundreds of different primers out there, but Kilz is the one I like the best. It goes on thick and covers really well. I have never had any problems with it not adhering or peeling off.

kitchen chair makeover Kilz pimer

After the underside of the chairs was dry, I turned them over and primered the top. Be sure to let all the coats dry before starting a new one. I painted just one coat of primer on all the chairs.

kitchen chair makeover primered

As you can see, I had a very curious kitty come by to see what I was doing! I debated about leaving the pawprints because they looked so cute, but I did end up painting over them. The kitty does still have paint on her ear though!

kitchen chair makeover kitty pawprints

Once all the primer was dry, it was time for the paint! I followed the some pattern as with the primer. Turn the chairs over and start underneath. When it’s dry, paint the top. I used Orchard Supply brand paint, Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White. I did paint a second coat of the paint, but I purposely did not do complete coverage.

kitchen chair makeover painted cloud white

I wanted the chairs to have more of a farmhouse look to them. A little worn. Plus I don’t have to worry if the dogs or cats do a little scratching on them.

kitchen chair makeover farmhouse

Again, wait for everything to dry and then add a protective finish over the whole chair. I used Minwax Water Based Polycrylic Finish. It goes on very smoothly and dries quickly. It’s not tacky to the touch and it cleans up great.

kitchen chair makeover minwax polycrylic finish

They are all ready to sit at the table again! I love the white! What a difference! I have 2 more to paint and then the farmhouse table. I am going to do the table with chalk paint. I will let you know how that goes!


So fresh and clean! I think Ezzy likes them too!

kitchen chair makeover white farmhouse

I will see you next time with the table! Have a great week!

Sunshine and Blessings

Corner News-June 11-2016

Happy Saturday to you! How has your week been? This was my first week off and it was busy! I thought I was supposed to be resting! The shelter we volunteer at is holding a yard sale, so Haley and I have been helping to set up. We have gone to the gym a couple of times and have been busy cleaning out the house of clutter. You should see the pile of boxes!! My mom and I will be having a yard sale too, so I have to get it done before then. While cleaning out, what do I do? Go shopping for more, of course!

This gold platter/plate was at the shelter yard sale so I snatched it up. I love the scalloped edge on it. I have already painted it and plan to add a base so it can be a stand for goodies. I think I will cut some scrapbook paper for the bottom and then I can change it out for whatever occasion I use it for.


I also picked up this cute sweatshirt from the shelter yard sale. Do you recognize the seagull from Finding Nemo? Mine, mine, mine! I made it onto a dog bed using the directions from I figured since the dogs fight over who goes where, this was perfect for them!


I found this plant at Goodwill this week. Sorry for the bad color, but it reminded me of the beach and now I really want to go!! Hopefully I will get a day or two to go enjoy the sand and surf.


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday!

Sunshine and Blessings